How to set up BigPond email on iPhone?

How to set up BigPond email on iPhone

BigPond is an email administration with spine infra gave by Australia Telecom Giant Telstra. Email service has been an essential part of an individual just as expert lives these days. If we consider just expert lives, our all records, archives, documents, and so on everything is done through messages as they were. Individuals have various ways of life and need their official and individual discussions and messages, everything on their cell phone. These days, IOS versions of mobile are the most common mobiles available among the users. How to set up BigPond email on the iPhone is not a big deal, users can easily set up the account on the iPhone.

How to set up BigPond email on iPhone 6?

Before you start a setup, you should have-

• You have your domain name, email address, and email account password.
• Your iPhone 6 has access to the internet connection with good speed. You can test this by opening the webpages from the browser.
• In the event that you are checking browsing this email account from another PC, that PC ought to be designed to “Leave messages on server”, in any case, your iPhone/iPad will just show messages that haven’t yet been downloaded by your other PC.

Then, signup the Bigpond email account from the official website of Bigpond using a web browser, click on your account name at the top right corner.

• If you have the account then first create the account by going to the settings.
• Go to the add account password option and add all the account details like name, username, password, description, etc.
• Now, hit the Enter button on the Next option.
• After the Next option, for the server type, tap “IMAP”
• Fill the Incoming Mail Server details and Outgoing Mail Server details.

Via the mail settings, tap again in to the account you just made, look down to the Outgoing Mail Server area, and tap “SMTP”

• Select the hostname you recently entered, and:
• Set it to “On”.
• Hostname: mail**your domain**.
• Username: Your email address. It would be ideal if you Note this isn’t discretionary.
• Secret word: Your secret word. If it’s not too much trouble Note this isn’t discretionary.
• Set Use SSL to “on” (in the event that it isn’t as of now).
• Verification should state “Secret key”.
• Set the Server Port to 465 (rather than 25).
• Tap “Done”.

How to set up BigPond email on iPhone is solved now! If you have still any doubt then contact with customer service team via BigPond helpline number and get quick support.

How to set up BigPond email on iPhone?

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